About Sacksioni

Sacksioni felt the need to change the bag industry for the better: focussing on quality, operating ethically and craftsmanship. After years of designing, finding the best leather and production country, the brand was founded in 2020 in Amsterdam.

We have a passion for Italian leather bags. Our designs are based on the lifestyle of modern women who appreciate fashion and leather bags as much as we do. The timeless and precise styling of Sacksioni bags is what makes them unique.


The designer of Sacksioni was born in Amsterdam in an enterprising family where everything revolved around fashion. With a father that had his own brand named Cowboysbag and a mother with her own fashion agency named Blinc.

The brand is named after the surname of his mother. Sacksioni is an old Amsterdam surname with roots in Italy. Our mission is to bring quality and joy to the lives of people who choose to wear our designs.


Sacksioni believes that our main responsibility is to create leather products that people value and enjoy for a long time. As a result, our ambition to be sustainable begins with our products - how they look, their quality and how they are made and used.

Our products are made of Italian leather. Our bags are made with a unique method called 'Vegetable tanning'. This method is much better for the environment than the most common method called 'Chrome tanning'.

Our Italian leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. We don't use any type of leather where animals are mostly used for their skin.

The bags are made in India. India has the highest expertise in leather which makes it the best place for us to produce our bags. We make sure the people working on Sacksioni bags are paid fair.

Because of these elements, our bags make people happy for a long time.

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